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Prune Juice
Prune Butter Cocktail

1/3 Cup Of Sunsweet Gold Label Prune Juice
1/4 Cup Of Bols Advocaat Egg Liqueur
1/2 Cup Of Cold Low Fat Milk
1 Cup Of Crushed Ice

Serving Size 1
239 Calories Per Serving
4 Grams Of Fat

Preparation Instructions:
This prune butter cocktail recipe is probably my favorite prune juice based mixed drink. For step one, please take out a large cocktail shaker. Take the lid off of the shaker, then pour into it the Sunsweet gold label prune juice, Bols Advocaat egg liqueur, cold low fat milk, and crushed ice. For step two you will want to place the lid back on top of the shaker, and then boldly shake the vessel contents together until the cocktail has a creamy and uniform color and texture. For the last step you will want to pour the drink into a chilled beer mug. Serve it immediately while it's ice cold, and sip on it slowly to savor the rich sweet flavor. That concludes this amazing and delicious drink recipe. With regard to the Bols Advocaat egg liqueur, do try and get your hands on some, as it's awesome for making a whole assortment of sweet cocktails. It can be purchased online cheaply. Cheers, we hope you enjoyed this recipe as much as we have.
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