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Prune Juice
Prune Juice For Constipation

3/4 Pint Of Fresh Prune Juice
1/4 Pint Of Dole Pineapple Juice

Serving Size 1
165 Calories Per Serving
0 Grams Of Fat

Preparation Instructions:
I would like to thank Genevieve from San Francisco California for submitting this prune juice for constipation recipe. To get started, first you will need to take out a small boiling pot. Add into the pot the fresh prune juice and Dole pineapple juice. Heat these contents over medium heat, stirring until they nearly reach a boil. You will then want to quickly remove the pot from the burner, and then pour the hot liquids into a thick pint size coffee mug. Sip the beverage while it's warm, and do try and drink it quickly. You will find that this recipe will alleviate a mild to medium case of constipation, and it will also help softened your stools. I should mention that if you are able to swap the Dole pineapple juice for homemade pineapple juice straight from the juicer, then you will find it's much more effective in treating constipation. We hope that this recipe does the trick, do be sure to share it with others.
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Prune Juice
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