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Prune Juice
Prune Juice Float

3 Cups Of Ice Cold Prune Juice
2 Scoops Of Vanilla Ice Cream
1 Long Thick Drink Straw

Serving Size 1
350 Calories Per Serving
5 Grams Of Fat

Preparation Instructions:
The old saying don't knock it until you've tried it, definitely applies here. This prune juice float recipe is surprisingly delicious. To begin the preparation process, first you will want to chill a large hearty drink mug. Once the mug is frosty and cold, set it out on a flat surface. Next take an ice cream scooper, and place two large vanilla ice cream scoops into the vessel. Next you will want to pour your ice cold prune juice over the top of the ice cream. Finally you will want to garnish the dessert with a long thick drink straw. That concludes this odd yet delicious recipe. If you like milkshakes more than you like floats, then simply add both of the ingredients into your blender, and then pulse the machine until the milkshake reaches a desired consistency. I do however recommend that you add just a little bit of crushed ice to the milkshake, so it's extra cold. Cheers, we hope that you have thoroughly enjoyed this prune juice based recipe.
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Prune Juice
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